Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, and Grit serve as guideposts for our academic, social and behavioral expectations. We have developed policies to guide and support students to meet these expectations.

Dress Code

We believe that dressing appropriately is an important way that students and staff communicate and show respect for and toward one another. We want students and staff to see Excel High as a professional, academic and career focused learning environment and to dress accordingly.

We Believe: that establishing a professional uniform dress code sets a positive tone in the school and serves as one way to communicate our mission, core values, a sense of community and school pride. It also helps reduce clothing costs for families and may eliminate social pressures for students.



In response to the Excel Student Council’s request to change the Uniform Dress Code Policy from mandatory to voluntary, the School Site Council revised the Uniform Dress Code Policy. Effective June 24, 2016, following the Uniform Dress Code Policy is voluntary. Students who choose to not participate are expected to dress appropriately at school and all school related functions and activities (see inappropriate dress for students and staff). The School site Council (SSC) reviews the Dress Code Policy each year and revises it based on staff, student, and parent feedback.

Uniform Dress Code Options

White, navy, or red polo/golf shirt with collar and buttons with or without Excel logo (long sleeved shirt may be worn underneath) White, navy or red collared dress shirt, pants or jeans of any color (NO RIPS or CUTS); young men should wear a belt Shorts (must reach the tip of middle finger) Skirts of any color (must reach the tip of middle finger)

Dress for Success Mondays

On Mondays, students have the choice of participating in Excel’s Dress for Success Program or following Excel’s Uniform Dress Code guidelines: dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, tie, or business suit dress or skirt  (must reach the tip middle finger), dress slacks, blouse, business suit, dress shoes.

School Spirit Fridays

On Fridays, students have the choice of wearing Excel gear, South Boston Knights gear, their athletic team jersey, or following our Uniform Dress Code guidelines. polo shirt, sweatshirts, T-Shirts South Boston Team Jerseys  (can also be worn on game days with appropriate pants)

Inappropriate Dress

All students and Staff may not wear clothing that exposes any of the 4 Bs (i.e., back, breast, belly, butt) Low cut, see-through, or tight top,  Low-rise/sagging pants/shorts or short shorts, Leggings or other tight/form-fitting pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses shorter than middle finger tip length clothing with rips or cut, Exposed underwear or bra straps, clothing with inappropriate language/images,  pajamas, house slippers, hats, caps, or any other head covering (religious exemptions require parent/guardian note)

Consequences For Dress Code Violations

Consequences for Uniform Dress Code violations are described below. These consequences are designed to help students make better choices, support and inform parents/guardians, and decrease the number of violations to the Uniform Dress Code guidelines. 

Inappropriate Dress

Students dressed inappropriately will be offered clothing to wear in exchange for their cell phone or One Card. Students who refuse must have clothing brought in by a parent/guardian or other relative or return home to change.

Student Conduct

Hallway Passes: No passes are to be issued during the first and last 10 minutes of each period. Students must have a blue color-coded pass. No other forms of passes are accepted. Students without blue color-coded passes will be subject to the BPS Code of Discipline. Students who abuse the number of times outside the classroom with a pass or without it will be placed in the “No Hallway Pass” list, which means that students lose the privilege to leave the classroom on their on.

Fire Drills: If an evacuation is necessary, students will obey their teachers’ directions and proceed quickly and quietly to safety outside the building. After a fire drill or an actual emergency, all students will re-enter the building only after instructed to do so by the Headmaster. Attendance will be taken as soon as students return to class. If students do not return, it will be considered a cut and will result in disciplinary actio

ID’s: All Excel High School students will be issued an ID card within the first month of school. Students must scan their ID cards when entering the building. These cards must be with students at all times. Students must present them upon request by any building staff. The first card is issued at no cost to the student. If the card is lost or stolen, the student will be expected to pay $3.00 for a new card.

Vandalism and Graffiti: are considered destruction of school property. Students found damaging or writing on any school property are subject to suspension, arrest, and prosecution. Violators will also be required to provide financial restitution and community service hours.

Smoking: In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 71, Section 2A, and school board policies, all schools are smoke-free facilities. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or on school grounds or at school-sponsored activities. Any substances found on school property will be confiscated and not returned. An administrator will follow the BPS and State Law.

No Bullying: In accordance with Massachusetts State Law, there will be zero tolerance for any type of bullying and any instances of bullying will be reported to the Boston Police.

Dress Code: In order to maintain a comfortable and productive learning environment for students and for faculty/staff, and to comply with the sexual harassment policy, sometimes overrides individual rights. For example, undergarments, including boxer shorts or basketball shorts, should not be visible, and an excess of skin should not be revealed. Footwear must be worn to comply with health codes. All members of the community may address concerns about the dress code directly to the Dean of Students or other administrators.

No Sexual Touching Or Kissing: This includes touching of breast, buttocks, crotch, stomach, and inner thighs. Such touching can constitute “Indecent Assault and Battery,” a felony under Massachusetts General Law (e.g. G.L.c.265, 13B).

No Inappropriate and Intimidating Physical Contact: This includes hitting, punching, pinching, restraining a person or blocking a person’s pathway, grabbing, slapping, inappropriate lap sitting, or pulling hair. Such behavior can constitute “Assault and battery” a felony under Massachusetts General Law (G.L.c265, 13A).

Lockers: Students must have an assigned locker. Only one student per locker. Students may NOT share lockers. If you share lockers you will lose your privileges. Students are allowed to use their assigned lockers before school, during the 3 minute passing time, before lunch, and upon dismissal. On any given day/time, random searchers of any student locker can occur. Any searches and seizures will be conducted solely for the safety and wellbeing of students and adults in the Excel High School. The best advice for students is not to store anything in his/her locker that he/she would not want school officials or police to know about.

Technology Policy


Cheating & Plagiarism Policy


Suspension Policy

Electronic Devices: such as cell phones, I Pods, MP3 players, CD players, headphones, and electronic games and texting devices in classrooms is strictly prohibited. Students are permitted to use cell phones only during the following times: before and after school hours outside or inside the school building; at after-school or sports activities, only with the permission of the coach, instructor or program director; at evening or weekend activities inside the school building.

Cell Phones: – including calls, text messaging and other functions– is not permitted at any other time on school grounds. Cell phones must not be visible during the school day and must be turned completely off (not simply on silent or vibrate mode) during the school day. If a phone rings or a student takes out a phone in class, the following consequences will be enacted:

First offense: Student’s cell phone will be confiscated and given to the office. At the end of the school day, students must go to the office to pick it up and sign it out.

Second offense: Parent or guardian must come to school to get the cell phone or other electronic device. Repeated offenses may result in loss of cell phone and/or other electronic devices privilege for the year.

Third offense: The Headmaster will take the phone. The student may pick up the phone on the last official day of the school year.

Technology Usage: Excel High School follows the BPS technology policies and State and Federal laws .Students may only use technology equipment and facilities for instructional purposes. Students must be authorized by a faculty member to use the technology resources offered in the school. Students must not use Excel’s technology equipment to gain or download unauthorized access to computing facilities of other institutions, organizations, or individuals. Students may not print assignments after 7:15 a.m. on any computer on Excel’s floor. Computer labs are open after school for printing needs. The library is also open for printing before school for a small fee.

Cheating / Plagiarism includes but is not limited to acts of plagiarism, copying from a student, using someone else’s work and claiming it as your own, talking and bringing unauthorized items such as books, written essays, and notes to a testing session or classroom testing. Students may not plagiarize the words, ideas, images, or other work offered in published sources. All quotes, paraphrases, ideas, and images must be properly cited in the MLA format. Individual teachers will determine consequences for infractions of this policy, up to and including issuing a failing grade for the work in question.

Consequences: The first time a student cheats or plagiarizes, it will result in a zero on that assignment and it will be reported to the Dean of Students and Headmaster A disciplinary letter will go in the student’s permanent record and that student may face suspension. If a student is caught cheating and/or plagiarizing, it could jeopardize their class standing.

Suspension Policy: When a student receives a suspension-hearing letter, it means: There has been a violation of the Code of Discipline. A parent/guardian must accompany the student to school for the hearing on the scheduled date, and then a decision will be made to determine if he or she may be suspended. If a parent/guardian is unable to attend the hearing by the scheduled date, a phone call to the school should be made to reschedule the appointment prior to the date on the hearing letter. The student will not be allowed in school until a parent/guardian has either: Accompanied the student for the hearing ora phone conversation with an administrator has been made The student will have one week to make up the work. Students on suspension are not permitted in the building or on school grounds. They may not participate in any school programs, athletic, events, extracurricular activities, the Prom, or any field trips