Headmaster's Welcome

Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, Grit

Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, Grit


Welcome to Excel High School! I am honored to serve as headmaster to drive the definition and delivery of an innovative, relevant learning experience that impacts the lives of our students. We are committed to creating opportunities for students to think differently as they solve problems using creative expression and acquired knowledge, both within and beyond the classroom walls. The cultures, perspectives, and experiences of our student body are valued and celebrated, and add to the fabric of our school community. We work toward the achievement of a common goal focused on the development of socially conscious leaders with the will and knowledge to address social issues.

Our lever for transformative learning is grounded in our Business Technology pathway coupled with rigorous academics that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. Across classrooms, students draw clear connections and make meaning of their courses through industry-based problems that help connect the dots between the classroom and the boardroom. With the project-based learning at the forefront, the curriculum comes to life for students, making concepts more concrete and understandable.

We look forward to working with our constituents, particularly parents and partners to deliver a world-class education to our future leaders that will serve them well as they prepare for success in college, career, and life. On behalf of the entire Excel community, welcome!


Renee K McCall, CPA


Over the recent past, Excel High School has exhibited a refreshing energy and vibrancy that has engulfed all aspects of the school. Our administration, faculty, and students are dedicated to the school motto, “Excellence in Education.” We expect to raise our personal and academic standards and benchmarks that can only be achieved through cooperation among staff, students, and parents/guardians, along with a growth mindset and solid work ethic.

Keys to Success :

  • Attend school EVERY day and arrive by 7:20AM

  • Come prepared to learn, participate, and contribute – bring required materials, ask questions, share your ideas and thoughts.

  • Complete ALL of your assignments, homework, projects, and exams on time.

  • Work hard, and ask for help when you need it.

  • Use time – your most valuable resource – wisely.

  • Get involved – don’t stand on the sidelines!

Again, I am honored to serve as the Headmaster of Excel High School. My goal is to make the “Excel Experience” become the pathway for our students to maximize their academic performance, to identify their passions in life, and to follow their dreams.