About Us

The Student Council at Excel High School is made up of student leaders who believe they can make positive changes at Excel High School and in the greater community. The Student Council hosts fabulous community building events like dances, field days, spirit weeks and empowerment conferences. They also address the need of the student body through their desire to make their school and community a better place for everyone to enjoy. 


What We Do

Past accomplishments include making the cafeteria food healthier for the students. The Student Council partners with a number of outside organization, including 84.org, in which they promote anti-tobacco in teenagers. This partnership has been a major success and smoking in Excel High School has decreased tremendously! 

Student Leadership

The Student Council has a direct channel of communication to the Administrative Branch of Excel High School through monthly meetings with the Headmaster as well as representation in our School Site Council. Council members are frequently called upon to participate in screening and interview processes for staff hiring. The Excel Student Council is a vital voice in the Excel Community, and continues to take action to help not only current students, but future students as well.



 Like the Excel Student Council, their leadership model is loosely based on either the Parliamentary system or the Executive Branch of the United States. Unlike our Student Council, which represents all Excel Students, class officers represent only a single class. 


 The mission of Student Council is to learn about democracy and leadership, and to work in partnership with school management for the benefit of the school, the goal of Class officers is to organize and facilitate activities for the enjoyment of their classmates. Senior Class Officers include:


  • President: Is ultimately responsible for all class activities; and presides over meetings; delegates duties and acts as the representative for the class.
  • Vice-President: Fulfills the duties of the President when the President is absent and performs duties assigned by the President.
  • Secretary: Is responsible for meeting minutes; maintaining correspondence, creating agendas; keeping class activity calendar webpages; responsible for all sign-up sheets. After graduation, the secretary will report classmate name and address changes to the school’s Alumni office, and will submit class news to be included in the alumni publication.
  • Treasurer: Establishes budget; records all financial transactions; gives status report at class meetings; authorizes expenditures; inventories fundraising items; and collects/deposits fundraising money earned.