Intro to STEM with YPP

The Young People's Project (YPP) is co-teaching an “Intro to STEM” elective course for Freshmen as Excel, with Tracey Kimsey, which introduces students to core STEM competencies including coding and selected math topics.  The goal of the course is to provide a foundation for further STEM courses through experientially-based learning about coding as it underlies digital technology in today’s world, and the mathematical concept of function, which underlies all higher STEM studies.  



The goal of the STEM Bootcamps are to: 

  1. Introduce the middle school students to the above key concepts by way of experientially-based learning;

  2. Reinforce for the high schools students what they have learned across the semester;

  3. Provide a pipeline of STEM learning that extends from middle school to high school, with the goal of success in advanced STEM coursework and of reducing attrition in STEM courses at the high school level (i.e. advanced math courses, AP computer science, etc.).

bootcamp-ILLUSTRATION-2018-03-29 16.04.32.png


The elective will also have a teaching/service component, where the high school students will prepare and facilitate a STEM Bootcamp Day for local middle schools at the culmination of the Fall and Spring semesters. Each semester high students from the YPP elective course will lead a “STEM Bootcamp Day” at a local BPS middle schools.  During this STEM Bootcamp Day, the high school students lead interactive and immersive workshops for the middle schools students.  These workshops are co- designed by the high school students, with the support of YPP instructors and teaching staff, and focus on STEM topics covered during the elective semester.